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Online Microteaching

I found that online teaching is accessible to everyone with a electronic device that has data/ WI-FI. I liked that I was able to use the necessary tools on the online platform to make learning accessible. Teaching online is the future and I enjoyed that learners did not disrupt the lesson however, they were able to raise their concerns by switching their microphone on. I enoyed the fact that I was able to do this in the comfort of my own home in an environment where I felt safe and comfortable. I did not have to wake up early to travel to school. there’s no dress code. Sure, you need to look presentable if you’re on camera, but there are no rules against shorts and flip-flops!

There was aspect that I did not enjoy about online teaching such as the poor internet connection of the learners. this made the learning experience challenging because I had to repeat myself several times in order for them to understand what I was saying. The internet connection made the powerpoint presentation lag. Another aspect that I disliked about the online teaching was that it created a sense of isolation. Everyone learns in their own manner. Some students possess the ability to work independently, while others find comfort in their community on campus with easy access to professors or their fellow students. Online teaching and learning requires discipline. A student does not feel they are getting the proper guidance, they may not have enough self-discipline to fully engage in the lessons themselves. Moving to virtual, real-time classes instead of just online courses gives a greater sense of accountability.

· Self discipline

· Time management

· IT skills

There is not much that I would do differently besides manage my time better and have everything set up before starting the lesson as this takes a lot of time.

I used appropriate tools such as kahoot to ask and answer questions.

This experience made me reflect more on how the future of teaching is ever changing. I have learnt new IT skills and also how to collabortate with other teachers to gain an in depth understanding on online teaching

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